Emmy-chan (soralover) wrote,

Rambling again.

Have you ever picked up an old book and read through it, only to realize it still holds true today? Fahrenheit 451 does that for me. Everytime I walk through a book store and see all the horribly written 'bestsellers', or hear people talking and they are saying nothing! Sure they are talking, but it's all nonsensical gibberish. Like 'How's the weather?' or 'How bout them football players' it has been a long while since I've actually heard a well thought out argument, or conversation. Much less, seen someone on campus, besides myself and friends of mine, reading a book not required for class. Just sitting there, reading. Enjoying the simple pleasure of reading a GOOD BOOK. Not Twilight, not some other work of barely thought of fiction or nonfiction, a good book. One that when you put it down, you are still thinking of it, be it the characters or how it ended. It makes you think. That more than anything is the type of thing I would love to see more of.

Anyway, I have Organic 2 in a little bit. I just felt like getting that off my chest. Oh, and if it does come down to the fact of banning books, you better believe I would have something to say of that.
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