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I am officially a Chemical Engineer.

My diploma was mailed yesterday and I still can't find a job XD

My phone is FINALLY fixed and now I can't get in contact with anyone D:

I miss people...
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I'm only Human

Finals week!

After this week, I'm going to finish FF13, work on fanart, work on sculpting, and of course fangirl a lot more. :) I miss writing on here.

So... go visit my DA page! Maybe even commish me?

I need money, I'm a starving college student D:

The new lovely mood theme is made by curlytoot :) Based on Syfy's miniseries "Alice"
GO WATCH IT! It's beautiful!
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It's a bright new world?

Well hello world
School still sucks.
No time for art unfortunately (except for all the doodles on my notes margins)

On the bright side, I'm still with Ryan, I have a table at Hamacon to showcase my artwork. AND the semester is almost over. Thank goodness.

Wish me luck! Finals week is approaching!

... why am I so happy?
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Ugh. I hate all the pressure being an engineering major can put on you. It sucks hardcore. Test after test, homework you barely finish and are assigned more the next day, teachers who couldn't care less if you passed or not. It sucks.

idk. I just need to vent a little frustration. That's what I use this for right? XD

Oh, going as Namine to Hamacon. Already have an artist alley table. :)
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I am not a happy kitten.

I'm beginning to hate school more and more and it sucks. I wish I could just get through this! ARGH! All I want to do is play KH :( I hate all this studying and working only to fail the test miserably. I hate the lack of sleep from worry if I can pass or if I'll have enough money to finish college.

I hate this! :(
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Rambling again.

Have you ever picked up an old book and read through it, only to realize it still holds true today? Fahrenheit 451 does that for me. Everytime I walk through a book store and see all the horribly written 'bestsellers', or hear people talking and they are saying nothing! Sure they are talking, but it's all nonsensical gibberish. Like 'How's the weather?' or 'How bout them football players' it has been a long while since I've actually heard a well thought out argument, or conversation. Much less, seen someone on campus, besides myself and friends of mine, reading a book not required for class. Just sitting there, reading. Enjoying the simple pleasure of reading a GOOD BOOK. Not Twilight, not some other work of barely thought of fiction or nonfiction, a good book. One that when you put it down, you are still thinking of it, be it the characters or how it ended. It makes you think. That more than anything is the type of thing I would love to see more of.

Anyway, I have Organic 2 in a little bit. I just felt like getting that off my chest. Oh, and if it does come down to the fact of banning books, you better believe I would have something to say of that.
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I was sent this by email to sign up and win a gift card... and it is made of fail.
Apparently my gender has been changed from Female to...

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Hello there.

So, I've been terribly busy with school, but I really want to finish this semester as soon as possible. Whatever happens just happens.

Let's see how this semester works out, shall we?

Back to work!
A Siberian Husky named Riku! (and he's so adorable!)
I like Huskies. They are so adorable. And I love seeing what kind of puppies are around this area every once and a while.
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Ramblings of a tired Kitten

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I am so tired.
New medicine not working, not going to take it tonight I don't think.
Trying to decide classes for the fall. Probably taking American Lit 2.
Had to work today, which sucked. Mom's coworker got fired, so now I have to work this summer. Wonderful.

Btw, I am officially a Junior. Which is cool. Talked to adviser and he said if I go to school this summer and next summer, I should finish in two years. :)

I dunno.

Love my "Off with your head" button I bought in Disney World. A very worthwhile investment. *clicks button* XD

Going to bed soon cause I have to get up early to work... argh.
Night Night,
Kitten =^.^=
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Updates Updates

I'm back! Disney was fun, but no FMA or KH? That's not cool. Me and Katy got sick on trip... yadda yadda yadda. If you want details, call okay?

On another note: FMA:BH is awesome. Really.

If I'm Winry.... what does that make Ryan? Mustang or Edward? Or am I Edward? Mustang x Winry? Edward x Mustang? ... mmmmm Edward Mustang action. <3.... where was I?

I need sleep I think.

I PASSED 244. Yes.

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow in Cullman with my head doctor. Maybe new pill that works? I dunno. I'm tired of having headaches everyday.

Date with Ryan on Saturday (we get to go see Star Trek and the new Wolverine movie :D) It should be fun. Now what to wear...?

School starts back on May 26. I'm going to take Organic and Natures and props I think. Mom is worried about Pact going under this fall, wants me to take more. I don't think I can. Just glad I passed all my classes this fall.

Anywho. If you guys want to hang out, give me a call, okay?

I'm going to bed.
Night! :D
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