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I'm back! Disney was fun, but no FMA or KH? That's not cool. Me and Katy got sick on trip... yadda yadda yadda. If you want details, call okay?

On another note: FMA:BH is awesome. Really.

If I'm Winry.... what does that make Ryan? Mustang or Edward? Or am I Edward? Mustang x Winry? Edward x Mustang? ... mmmmm Edward Mustang action. <3.... where was I?

I need sleep I think.

I PASSED 244. Yes.

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow in Cullman with my head doctor. Maybe new pill that works? I dunno. I'm tired of having headaches everyday.

Date with Ryan on Saturday (we get to go see Star Trek and the new Wolverine movie :D) It should be fun. Now what to wear...?

School starts back on May 26. I'm going to take Organic and Natures and props I think. Mom is worried about Pact going under this fall, wants me to take more. I don't think I can. Just glad I passed all my classes this fall.

Anywho. If you guys want to hang out, give me a call, okay?

I'm going to bed.
Night! :D
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